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Be Heard, Understood and Remembered

‘After training with Teresa Dukes, our staff had greater confidence which translated through to their attitude and how they applied themselves’.
— Paul Coffey, Production Director, Coast Digital


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Speaking for Success

  • Attract more clients by turning your presentations into compelling stories.

  • Connect and engage with your audience at every speaking opportunity.

  • Increase the confidence, effectiveness and professionalism of every presentation.

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Be Heard, Understood & Remembered

Three Levels

Learn how to Simplify and Demystify the process of designing your presentation, finding your voice and delivering effectively.

Teresa’s model enables you to build powerful presentations that deliver results again and again.

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International Speaker

Need Inspiration? Teresa is World Class.  She brings energy, enthusiasm and education to your events and leaves you wanting more!  Teresa is a professional Speaker who has travelled worldwide and has spoken in the USA, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Switzerland, Abidjan Ivory Coast, Johannesburg South Africa, London United Kingdom, Dublin Ireland, Barcelona Spain, Bangkok Thailand.


Are you ready to present at your best?

Would you like help finding your courage and confidence so that you are in control?

That’s what I do – I help uncover your natural ability and enhance what is laying beneath the surface.

Stories help simplify and demystify the process of building presentations and it keeps your audience engaged so that they take away your key message.

People remember stories and a visual journey will create curiosity, cause reflection, and will help you connect with your audience.


Co-Author of Bestselling Book

Learn how to generate curiosity that keeps your audience engaged; connection that helps you show authenticity; and the confidence to know they will want to learn more.

Just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant session today. You uncovered a lot for me, and I’m looking forward to breaking through.
— Terry Lewis, Author and Award Judge

When coached by Teresa you will learn techniques you can use over and over again making you a more effective speaker in a fraction of the time.