121 Coaching

Speaking for Success

Are you ready to:

  • Attract more clients by turning your presentations into compelling stories.

  • Connect and engage with your audience at every speaking opportunity.

  • Increase the confidence, effectiveness and professionalism of every presentation.

Every client is different and in the 121 Coaching package, Teresa will build a bespoke plan for your individual needs and objectives. Working together over several agreed sessions we will identify where best to apply efforts in order to achieve your goals.

It’s similar to ‘mining for gold’. Each sifting stage gets you closer and closer to the golden nuggets you really want.  We have to start by filtering out the sludge and uncovering the gold within. It’s never perfect on the first sift and that’s where Teresa’s tailored and intensive coaching helps.

The 121 Coaching will build and deliver:

C onfidence improvement

O pportunities to attract main keynote agenda positions

A chievement with effective presentations

C reation and development of your specific style

H igh Impact exceeding your audiences’ expectations

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