PRESENTation Coaching

Be Heard, Understood & Remembered
Three Levels

  • Have you ever wanted to overcome your nerves when presenting?

  • Do you want to stop wasting time preparing for presentations?

  • Would you like to know how to build your slides quicker?

Whether you’re setting up a new business and need to conquer your sales pitch, have a big presentation to tackle at work or just want to generally improve your speaking skills, Teresa’s model enables you to build powerful presentations that deliver results again and again.

Presentation Coaching is suitable for individuals or groups and can be customised to your requirements.  You will pick up the tools needed to empower you with the confidence to always be prepared and ready to take the stage.

The beauty of this package is you can choose which Level you want to focus on.  You may already be pretty good at delivery but need help on drafting your message and your structure.  Maybe you want to work on Storytelling so that you can bring your presentations alive with characters who will help make your points stronger. 


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Are you ready to Present at your Best?

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Level 1 - Find Your voice

Focuses on providing you with the tools to pull together your thoughts quickly and express yourself confidently. 


  • Structure – Where to start and finish

  • Adding impact with strong openings

  • Finishing with compelling conclusions.


Level 2 - Enhance Your Voice

Start developing compelling content and make unforgettable points!


  • PARTS Formula – how to use it effectively

  • Use Storytelling Model to develop reusable modules for your presentations

  • Go from overload of information to tight concise content


Level 3 - Perfect Your voice

Delivery is the finishing touch to all presentations – making sure you are remembered for the right reasons.


  • Avoid mistakes other speakers make

  • Leave a lasting impression that makes clients want to take action

  • Go from ‘okay speaker’ to Outstanding Speaker with proper staging of presentation