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Inspiration required? Teresa is World Class.
She brings energy, enthusiasm and education to your events and leaves you wanting more! 

Teresa Dukes will help you be heard, understood and remembered.

Pick from her customized Keynotes and/or Workshops below:

"Inspiring Effective Communication"

We all have a part to play in empowering individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders. I believe that an effective leader is:

  • one who has knowledge and understanding of the different leadership and communication types and methodologies;

  • one who can learn how others work and adapt their own style to accommodate this; and

  • one who encourages participation, teamwork, and inclusivity throughout their tenure.

Let’s explore seven (7) communication qualities of an effective leader. By identifying a few qualities of an effective leader this means we can easily identify members who have the potential to be our future leaders.    

“The Leadership Compass – Finding the right direction for your team” 

In order to understand your team members and work effectively together you need to understand what type of communicator/leader they are. Are they a North the go-getter; a South the nurturer; an East the visionary; or a West the analyst? Once you recognize what direction you and your team members are, the quicker you will know how to positively communicate as an effective team. 

This workshop will enable you to understand how to be more flexible and to adapt your own work style with those around you. This opens up the possibility of being more receptive to those whose styles are different from your own – helping you become a more effective leader. 

What’s in it for the participant? 

  • Recognize their style and their team members’ different styles of communication

  • Learn how each direction would LIKE or prefer to be communicated with.

  • A better awareness of the styles and how to effectively blend these to work more effectively as an individual and as a team.

  • Objective – main outcome is the discovery that each direction needs to work together to accomplish the end goal as a team. Nice to have a mix of styles!

“Three things you need to know about World Class?”

If you want to deliver better speeches, have result driven presentations and be assured that your audience will take the next step then this is the workshop for you.

  • Have you ever delivered a speech believing you were BRILLIANT?

  • You thought: I connected, I entertained, they loved me!

  • The audience thought: Something else!

What was missing? Can you pinpoint it?

  • Would you like to learn the key elements that separate ‘good’ speakers from ‘World Class’ speakers?

  • Teresa will uncover in her workshop at least FIVE elements you need to know about being World Class and being REMEMBERED!

Come with a speech in mind – there will be some live coaching in this workshop.

“Winning them over with Stories!”

Stories help simplify and demystify the process of building presentations and it keeps your audience engaged so that they take away your key message.

Do you want your audience to remember your stories and take a visual journey that will create curiosity, cause reflection, and will help you connect with your audience?

There are 9 Cs to successful storytelling and in this presentation, I will uncover at least 5 of them helping you bring your presentations alive and keep the audience on the edge of their seats!