What would we do without technology?


Today’s world of smart phones, the Internet and Wi-Fi dictates the way we live our lives. It has changed drastically from even just 5 years ago – we are definitely the world of ‘now’.  Never having to wait for anything very long. World Leaders bring us news automatically with the use of Twitter.  Fake news is scattered quickly through Facebook and other social media avenues.  And finding out what’s trending in fashion all you have to do is just look at Instagram or Pinterest. 

Chilling with Nana

So, what if all that technology was taken away tomorrow – what on earth would we do? What would you do?  I think about this a lot especially at this time of year. 

I remember unwrapping Christmas presents and playing hours on end until forced to get dressed and eat breakfast.  The toys were a basketball, matchbox loop-the-loop set and a doll whose hair grew with the pull of her arm. The best present was a bicycle!!!  I remember I giggled for ages when it was rolled in to the living room! That’s what I want for my little grandson, Milo, who is only 15 months old. I plan to make sure all his gifts are ‘activity’ gifts.  I want to draw out his natural curiosity,  understand how his mind ticks and find out what interests him in this world.  A drum set it is then!

What will you do?